Waterkloof Boulevard Estate

Important Contact Numbers & Security

Noordvaal Security Vehicle




Fire Brigade

Power Failure

Snake And Bee Catcher (Nico)

SPCA (Lyttelton)

Monument Park Veterinary

076 801 6418

(012) 001 9000

(012) 358 9999

10111 / (012) 366 1700 / 1717

(012) 310 6200 / 6300

(012) 339 9111

071 640 5543

(012) 664 5644

(012) 346 2034

For Any Other Emergency Please Refer To The Contractors List Under The "Rules & Regulations" Section

 Make Sure:

  • That all windows are closed and locked, especially the ground floor areas.
  • That all doors are closed and locked, especially the ground floor areas.
  • That all valuables are kept out of sight or alternatively be locked away.
  • That all vehicles that are parked in driveways, parking bays/areas or outside of the residence are locked and that all valuables (e.g. Laptops, Cellphones, Tablets, iPod's, Credit Cards, Wallets, Handbags, Firearms, GPS Navigators, House Keys, Important Documents, etc.) are removed from the vehicles or kept out of sight.
  • That Electric Fence Systems are used, armed and in a working condition.
  • That Alarm Systems are used, armed and in a working condition.
  • That there is sufficient light outside of the residence.
  • Install motion sensor lights around the outside of the premises to draw attention towards movement around the premises.
  • Be vigilant at all times in the Estate and report any suspicious activities directly to the Estate Manager and Security.

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